My wife grows some of the best tea I’ve ever had

My wife happens to be a huge tea drinker.

She learned a long time ago that she was able to grow her own tea. She grows Green tea, Black tea, and even Oolong tea in her garden outside. She has all kinds of beautiful plants from beautiful flower varieties to tomatoes and watermelons. Those watermelons I know take a lot of work because she has to train the vines to go through the trellis. It’s really cool because she also has these hammock nets to hold the watermelons in place when growing on the trellis. It seems she’s out there all the time with her plants watering and taking good care of them. She harvests her tomatoes, tea leaves, and watermelons at the right time. There’s so much work involved, I am typically worried about her comfort level. I don’t want her to collapse from heat stroke on hot days so I keep the temperature control settings just right in the house so she can come in for some A/C breaks. She insists that she is just fine, but I won’t let her stay out there for very long without coming in with the A/C to cool her off. I will have cool drinks prepared for us, usually just ice water. I also will prepare us lunch so that she will have plenty of energy to go back to work on her gardening. Even though she always insists she’s just fine and just wants to work in her garden, I can tell she appreciates the air conditioning breaks very much. It’s nice to see her refreshed so she can get back out there. I love her gardening especially because she also makes the best tea I’ve ever tasted.
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