My HVAC system caught on fire because I didn’t get my HVAC system tune-up

You really should never take your HVAC system for granted.

This is something we really depend on throughout the course of the year, and it’s absolutely pressing to take good care of this HVAC equipment.

In some situations, it can be life-threatening to not be able to use your HVAC system. Well, I learned a very valuable lesson with my HVAC equipment this last summer season. I was thinking that I could just get by without calling the HVAC company for our regular HVAC system tune-up. I always thought that my HVAC system would be fine without it, but I was seriously wrong about that. The only reason I would always keep up with my HVAC system maintenance was because my parents always told me it was important. I didn’t think about the HVAC system breaking down on me at the worst possible time. So this past summer season, my A/C system entirely overheated and it actually caught on fire! I was at work when this happened and one of my neighbors called me at my place of work and said that my house was on fire. I rushed home and got there to see a bunch of firefighters and police cars. They told me the fire came from my HVAC unit and they were able to get there in time to knock it out. They actually broke through the window to get into my house. I was just thankful that my house didn’t burn down, but my HVAC system was entirely ruined. I learned that if I would have had my HVAC tune-up, the system wouldn’t have overheated and caught on fire like that.


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