I’m glad that I didn’t have to call for HVAC emergency services

When we had our heating system shut down on us in the middle of a winter night, I panicked when I woke up.

It was absolutely freezing and I immediately rushed to the thermostat.

When I was not able to get the thermostat to work, I tried to think about what I should do. Then I realized that we had some portable heaters somewhere in the basement. I went rummaging all through the basement looking for those portable heaters. Finally, I found a box that actually said ‘heaters’ on it. I wish I would have remembered that I actually labeled the box, but I hadn’t used those heaters in the longest time. So I immediately hooked up one of the heaters in our bedroom and set up a couple of heaters throughout the house. I figured this would buy me time to think about what to do next. I was thinking about calling the HVAC company for HVAC emergency services, but then I realized that would cost me a small fortune. So I sat there looking at the thermostat for a minute and then I realized that the screen was entirely blank. Then suddenly a light flipped on in my mind. I realized that the thermostat must have had dead batteries! I went to get some batteries for the thermostat and changed the old batteries out. When the thermostat lit up, I was thankful. Then I was able to get the heating system going again, and I realized that I went looking for those old portable heaters for nothing. At least I didn’t have to call for emergency HVAC services though!


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