All our baby wanted was a little air conditioning to sleep through the nights

When my wife and I first had a baby, we had a real hard time getting any sleep at all.

It seemed like the baby would cry no matter what, and she never wanted to fall asleep.

Finally, I realized that it was a little bit hot in our room when the baby was laying down in her bassinet. I told my wife that we should turn up the air conditioning and then maybe our baby would sleep better. She told me that babies didn’t care about the air conditioning, and then she left it at that. I wasn’t convinced though. I knew that I enjoyed having the A/C turned up when I was trying to sleep at night. So while I was rocking the baby, I decided to go to the thermostat to turn up the A/C system. The air flow from the HVAC vents actually seemed to soothe our baby and then she started drifting off to sleep when the cool air came flowing from the HVAC vents. I gently laid her down in her bassinet, and she actually slept through most of the night! I knew that the A/C system would help! Even my wife was in disbelief when our baby woke up again and it was later on in the morning. When she asked about the baby, I told her she simply wanted her air conditioning and that helped her sleep through most of the night. Moving forward, we kept the temperature control settings that our baby seemed to like, and she was able to sleep easily.
Air conditioning system