I became sick of renting and decided to buy my own home

The landlord totally refused to have the heating system fixed.

For most of my adult life, I have been renting different places to live in. I have had numerous apartments and more recently I have started renting whole houses. I have had plenty of bad experiences with landlords. Usually problems come up with either plumbing or the HVAC system. Now I don’t mind having to change the furnace filters or the A/C filters, but I do have a problem when the landlord refuses to repair an HVAC system that is clearly having troubles. The places I have lived do not belong to me and therefore it was never my responsibility to keep up with the major components. I have explained this to different landlords, and honestly, it’s the reason why I would end up moving onto the next place. I always hope that the landlord will be better when I move, but I never really was able to have that kind of luck. In my experience, all of the landlords only cared about the money they were making from rent, and they cared about getting their rent payments on time. They seemed like they could care less about the comfort of the tenants in the dwelling. After this last experience when the heating system failed in the winter, I was done. The landlord totally refused to have the heating system fixed. I probably could have sued him for that, but I ended up just leaving the house because my lease was about to expire anyway. I then stayed with my brother until I was able to buy my own home. I had enough money saved for the downpayment and everything and I wanted to take care of my own home for a change. It turned out to be the best decision of my life!

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