There was at least one impulsive purchase I made that ended up being very useful

I’ll be the first to admit, I tend to buy things on impulse. Well, there is at least one thing that I am thankful that I bought impulsively. It is the really nice window A/C unit that I bought a little while back when I was shopping with some friends of mine. It was on sale and I thought it would be great to have a nice little window A/C unit like that. My friends were asking me why I would even buy something like that when I already had a nice HVAC system in my place. I was telling them that perhaps it would come in handy for an emergency situation or maybe it would help supplement my HVAC system. I wasn’t really sure but I really liked the idea of having that extra cooling machine in my home. The window A/C unit actually just collected dust in my attic space for a few years until one day I finally really needed it. It was the midst of a heatwave during the summer season. I unfortunately didn’t get my HVAC system tune-up and my air conditioning system ended up breaking down. This happened to countless others in my area so the HVAC companies were really backed up. That’s when I remembered that I bought that nice window A/C unit awhile back and I hooked it up. I couldn’t believe how well the thing worked! In my little home, I was able to keep nice and cool thanks to my trusty window A/C unit. Even when I had friends tell me that they were dying in the heat, I invited them over. They couldn’t believe that this window A/C unit I bought a few years ago actually came in handy. They all decided it would be a good idea to have backup A/C units in their home as well in case of an emergency like this.



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