After the last terrible storm we had, we made some serious investments including a new energy efficient HVAC system

I’ve experienced some bad storms in my days, but the last one we experienced was easily the worst one.

The storm produced some hurricane winds that wreaked havoc in our area.

Most of the tiles on our roof were blown away, and we were lucky that the whole roof wasn’t torn off from our home. Given, the roof was really old and I had been thinking about having a new roof installed for a long time. I decided that I was going to do a bunch of upgrades to the home. We had been saving money for years and we figured that now was a good time. I decided that I wanted to install solar panels on top of a new roof so that we would be able to have lower energy bills. Our old HVAC unit was a pretty major energy hog to be sure. I thought it was a good time to upgrade the whole HVAC system as well. So we hired some contractors to install the new roof and then we had the solar panels installed. Then we worked with the HVAC company. They recommended a really nice energy efficient HVAC system. It wasn’t anything fancy like radiant heated floors or some geothermal HVAC system, but it was something that was far better than what we had in our home. They even talked us into installing a smart thermostat which turned out to be an excellent idea. I didn’t even know about smart thermostats until they were telling us about them. The combination with our highly energy efficient HVAC system now with the solar panels actually allows us to put energy back onto the grid! Our energy bills are virtually nothing thanks to this wonderful investment and sometimes we even get paid by the electric company!
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