Skipping rocks on the frozen lake

You seriously can’t beat the beauty of nature. This is why I love to take my family camping. The time we enjoy camping the most is when we go to a camping destination near a lake in the winter months. The reason why we love going during the winter is because the lake will freeze with a layer of ice over it. Honestly, the thinner the ice the better because we love to go and skip rocks on the lake. If you have never heard the sound of rocks skipping on a lake with thin ice, it’s an experience you must try! The sounds the lake makes from the skipping rocks sounds something like lasers or chirps. It sounds like something unworldly and it’s totally worth the camping experience even though it’s so cold outside! After we get our fill in from skipping rocks on the frozen lake, we always love to cook dinner at the fireplace. There’s nothing better than warming up next to a roaring fire in the fireplace when you are camping. We love to tell spooky stories and keep warm as we continue to add firewood to the fireplace. We always make sure to bring a portable heater with us as well. The portable heater allows us to keep the tent nice and toasty through the night so we are able to sleep comfortably. While camping is exciting in general, that absolutely is the most thrilling time skipping the rocks on the frozen lake, and this is something we make sure to do every single year!

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