Community service and going to the local ice cream parlor

I take pride in teaching my children about what it means to provide community service.

This is why we will often sign up for beach cleanups and we also go out on our own around the community with trash bags to collect trash, and recycle cans and bottles.

We usually go out when the weather is nice, but sometimes it will be on uncomfortably hot days. When we face the heat of the day, I always tell the children that we will go to the ice cream shop afterwards to celebrate our hard work. We love going to this particular ice cream parlor where the temperature control settings are regularly on point and the air quality is great. They keep the air quality great with the use of a UV air purification system. I remember talking to the owner about the UV air purification system one time. I was thinking about getting one, but I never was able to save up enough money to get it done through my local HVAC company. I seriously need to start a dedicated savings account for the investment of a nice UV air purification system. It’s such a great air purification system to have because that UV light works to kill dangerous viruses and bacteria that floats through the air. It’s a great way to remain healthy, especially in businesses or your home. The comfort of the ice cream parlor is second to none, and it’s always a nice treat after we go out and handle our community service. I hope that my children will carry on this tradition when they have children of their own.

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