My wife was right about her idea to have a yard sale

It wasn’t too long ago when my wife was looking for some fabric she had.

I reminded her that we put everything up in the attic, so she went looking for her fabric.

She was trying to make some baby clothes as a gift for my brother’s newborn baby. She was able to find the fabric in the attic space along with a lot of other stuff we forgot about. We had a couple of window A/C units up there and even portable heaters. We had all other types of old knick knacks as well like some old typewriters, some old children’s toys, and some other things. She was saying that we should have a yard sale to get rid of some of that stuff. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through the hassle of moving a bunch of stuff to the front yard. What if some of the things didn’t sell, then I would have to haul all of it back up to the attic and my back was pretty unforgiving these days. She finally convinced me though and I actually had a few friends help me bring the stuff out of the attic to sell at our yard sale. It was actually a very hot day and a lot of people came through to look at all the stuff. I was amazed that people wanted to buy all this old junk. People were especially interested in the A/C units right away because it was so hot. I decided to hold one A/C unit in case we needed it for an emergency but all the other HVAC stuff was sold in no time. We had a bunch of antiques like old lamps, and even the old children toys were sold in a hurry. I couldn’t believe it when we sold the last few items, and I told my wife she was right. I didn’t have to haul anything back up to the attic. I decided to take my wife out to a nice dinner after that.

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