I miss the old days when everything was so simple

There was a time when we lived in peace and we didn’t have to worry about too much when it came to our property.

Over the years though, there has been all kinds of new development in our area and there are houses all over the place.

We even had to sell a lot of our property because the property taxes kept going up. We used to own a bunch of apple orchards that would stretch for miles, but now we own just a small parcel of land. I had to put up a barb wire fence around our property to keep people from trespassing, but there are all kinds of mischievous kids these days. I was very upset when I found that our outdoor A/C condenser unit was vandalized the other day. I thought it would have been difficult for somebody to get on our property because of the barb wire fence, but I discovered that the fence was actually cut. I wondered what was going on when the A/C was no longer working in the house, but then I saw that my A/C condenser unit was shred to pieces and all the copper parts were missing. I thought this was unbelievable that somebody would destroy our HVAC equipment just for the copper. This was going to cost me a small fortune to have repaired! I also had to fix the fence, but I was thinking that I would have to install an electric fence or something to keep people from coming onto our property like that. What ever happened to the old days when everything was so simple?


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