The air conditioner has made me really nervous in life

For some reason, I am scared of the central air conditioner in my house and in my school.

Normally, most people love air conditioners.

In fact, the air conditioner is considered one of the best modern inventions ever. People still love buying air conditioners. However, I do not like air conditioners, and I do not like having an air conditioner in my house. My parents do not like air conditioners either, and thankfully, we hardly ever use our air conditioner. We do have a central air conditioner, but the thermostat of the central air conditioner is only programmed to come on if the outside temperatures get above 90 degrees. The reason that I am scared of the central air conditioner is that our culture teaches that central air conditioners cause cancer. There are a lot of people that defend central air conditioners and disagree, but nobody can prove that the central air conditioner does not. The only people that defend the central air conditioner are those that use them so often that they would never want to stop. My biggest issue is that my teacher at school really likes the central air conditioner. He has a thermostat in the classroom, and he keeps the temperatures in the classroom very cold. Sure, his classroom is the warmest in the school because he is trying to be kind, but I would rather him not have the central air conditioner on at all. However, he does not listen, and he continues using the central air conditioner. Doesn’t he know that he is ruining his health?


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