I am so worried about my son because of the air conditioner

Having a baby completely changed the way that I view the air conditioner.

I used to claim that I could only sleep as long as I had an air conditioner.

I really like air conditioners. I honestly do not care whether it is a central air conditioner or a window air conditioner. As long as I have an air conditioner in my room, I can sleep well. I have always had trouble sleeping with warmer temperatures. During the day, I keep the thermostat to my central air conditioner set to 69 degrees, which I think is a pretty standard temperature for central air conditioners. However, at night, I like to sleep with a lot of blankets and do not want to be too warm, so I set the central air conditioner to an even cooler temperature. In fact, the only time that I ever had trouble sleeping was when my central air conditioner was not working very well. However, now, my son has changed how I view the central air conditioner in my house. I used to love having cooler temperatures made by the central air conditioner, but now, I am nervous that my infant son is going to be too cold while the central air conditioner is running when he is sleeping. Instead of sleeping soundly when the central air conditioner is running, I have trouble sleeping because I am worried about him. I could give him another blanket, but I am afraid that he isn’t going to be able to breathe. Now, I have the central air conditioner turned to a warmer temperature.

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