I was able to assist a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist the other afternoon

Late the other evening when I was on our way home, I saw a big truck pulled over on the side of the road with its flashers switched on.

  • When I got closer up to the truck, I saw that it was a single of those big Heating plus Air Conditioning service vehicles.

As a matter of fact, it happened to be a truck from our own local Heating plus Air Conditioning business. When I pulled up next to it by the side of the road, I saw that the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist was the same single 1 that had been at our home finally working on our plan the month before. He recognized me right back, plus all of us talked for a few hours about his truck plus how he had a garage on the way to try plus try and service the problem in the truck. However, the HVAC inside his truck wasn’t running at all, plus it was a truly sizzling afternoon. The weather was freakishly sizzling all month long, plus that afternoon I think the temperature was somewhere in the higher nineties. He was resting there sweating his head off in his non air-conditioned truck cab, plus who knew how long it might take the garage to get there to work on the truck for him? I asked him if he wanted to come wait it out in the AC in our motorcar instead plus he was so grateful! Every one of us sat plus chatted for a while I was in the plus by the time the garage finally arrived for the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck, all of us were just like seasoned friends. He even provided me a sweet coupon for a free AC plan tune up.


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