We definitely weren’t prepared for the severe flooding in our home

When we experienced a bunch of severe rainstorms recently, we paid the ultimate price for not being prepared.

Even my parents told me a long time ago that I should have a backup generator along with emergency supplies. The emergency supplies would include a 72 hour food storage along with a small water supply in big water drums. Well, I didn’t have anything like that. If I only would have had the emergency backup generator, we would have been fine. The first few storms, we managed to get through just fine. The power never went out so we were able to use our HVAC system and our sump pump was working non-stop getting all that excess water out from our home. The last storm we got was one of the worst though and we experienced a pretty severe power outage that lasted for almost a whole day. This was enough time to cause terrible flooding in our basement. We were trying to get all the water out with buckets, but we couldn’t use any electricity or the sump pump because we had no power. If we only had power, we would have been fine. The flooding got so bad, it damaged our HVAC unit and most of our basement has to be repaired because of all the severe flooding. We were finally able to get all the water out when the power finally came back on, but all the damage was already done. The only good news is that we have flooding insurance. At least that was something I did that my parents recommended. Without that, we would have to pay a huge amount of money for all this damage, including having to pay for a brand new HVAC unit.


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