Air Conditioning techs work on holidays

My life partner is an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist plus he has been ever since all of us first got together.

I’m so thrilled that he has a nice career that he enjoys, plus he’s also able to support our family very well with the money that he earns at his job. He is truly knowledgeable at many kinds of heating plus cooling systems plus he’s so fantastic at dealing with the customers. I typically tell him that if he ever gets sick of finally working in the Heating plus Air Conditioning service industry, he should just go plus work in the customer service business! Customers just enjoy his wit. It’s funny, however a lot of times people will call in with their AC or furnace service complications plus they will request our partner by name to come in plus do their Heating plus Air Conditioning work for them. The other employees at the Heating plus Air Conditioning company tease him sometimes for being so popular with the ladies, however it doesn’t bother me at all. I think that it’s just because he’s so friendly plus personable. I do have to disclose that I don’t enjoy the fact that he has to work on so many holidays, though. It seems like he’s off doing Heating plus Air Conditioning work nearly every other holiday, plus that gets pretty old. I think that when he gets more seniority at the business, he will be able to choose more of his own work hours so that will be good, and for now, though, all of us have to plan most of our holiday gatherings on unusual days just so he will be able to be apartment with us to celebrate.

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