When I get to my new location, my heat pump is all I will need

All the years of living through the freezing cold weather with snow and ice are finally over now. I have lived in many different locales during my adult life however the cold areas genuinely took a major toll on me. I could easily handle the heat and the rain. I even was able to handle an extreme hurricane. But, the relentless Winters which last forever were just too much. I could never get used to having my oil furnace run all the time month after month. It completely drove me crazy. However, all that ends soon. My boss called me into the office this week. When I came in, there were a bunch of other big bosses from corporate resting around the table. Glad I wore a really good suit. At first, I thought I was getting dropped from the company. There have been too many hardworking people my own age that have been let go due to downsizing. They get rid of the people of age who are more expensive first. I was surprised though when I got a promotion and a transfer. I am heading back to the land of the sun and the heat pump! I am really happy about this news. First, the promotion is awesome and something which I have been trying to get for sometime now. But more importantly, this will be my final stop in my job. I will be able to finish my time with the supplier in the South where I am basically guaranteed never to get snowed on again. All I have to do is flip the switch on the Heating and A/C machine heat pump when the Winter gets here!

Heat pump