Those Sounds in Your Ducts Are Not Happy Feet

I thought I heard something in our ducts.

I had to turn everything off and really strain but, I could hear it.

The sound was like the smallest scampering I had ever heard. It still took me a few minutes to realize what I was dealing. Those little feet belonged to a bunch of rodents. My brain hurt at the idea of that so I decided that I must be crazy. Then, I saw the droppings a few weeks later. There was no rationalizing anymore. I had a bit of an infestation on my hands. I went up to the attic to have a look around. What I was afraid of was actually sitting right in front of me. I could see that the insulation was a bit disturbed right where I was looking. On closer inspection, I saw that there was a rodent next right next to an air duct joint. The duct joint had sagged and the resulting gap was now the home for some fuzzy creatures who carry all sorts of bad stuff. I went right to the phone to get the exterminator out as quickly as humanly possible. Then, I called my HVAC folks for help on how to clean up the aftermath. They were great and put me at ease right away. They were able to set an appointment with a sister company to come out and thoroughly clean all the air ducts in my home. The crew showed up on time and got right to work. I was both fascinated and disgusted. I was amazed at the type of vacuum equipment they used. It was super powerful. But, the amount of junk that came out of the ducts was truly horrifying. I had no clue there had ever been that much debris in the ducts.


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