Wilting in the heat

I worked for nearly a month on our final project for university. It was going to count as fifty percent of our final grade in our bakery class plus I made sure that every detail was exactly as I wanted it. This multiple layer cake told the story of Noah plus the Flood. I had the ship made out of modeling chocolate plus each animal was shown in wonderful detail on the several layers. They were climbing the cake plus heading towards the boat. On the morning of the presentation I l received that the a/c had broken. This wasn’t that sizable of a deal at first because our cake was carefully stored in the cooler. I knew if I could just leave it there until it was our turn it would be fine. The temperature in the classroom was nearly eighty degrees plus that would melt our creation for sure. When the teacher told us to bring out our projects so he could see them all side by side our heart sank. I knew that within a matter of moments the animals would start sliding down the side plus falling off. The water, which I had carefully made out of fondant, would start to become a puddle as well. I put off going to retrieve it as long as I could. Before I took it out I carefully documented all of the details in photos so I could at least have those to show in the event that the heat ruined it. The professor was very understanding plus took the room temperature into account. He did say that we should regularly take that into consideration if we planned on becoming professional bakers 1 morning. I think I will stick to official food instead, baking is too stressful.



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