Finding the best hotels with good climate control on our travels

When I was travelling with my wife, we had to stop at a few hotels on our travels. At every hotel we went to, I insisted that they show me that the HVAC system was working before we paid for our room. This actually went well for most of these hotels, and I was glad to have insisted because there was a place that had a broken down A/C system in the room that was available. Because that hotel didn’t have any other vacant rooms, we ended up driving further down the road to find a hotel that actually did have working air conditioning. I would settle for no less because I was tired from all that driving and I needed to get good rest for the long drive ahead of us. There was this one motel that we went to and their air conditioning system wasn’t very good. I was very disappointed, but the owners said there wasn’t another motel for at least another hour of driving. Because I was so tired, we ended up taking the room. The good thing is that the owners provided us with an extra stationary fan to help keep us cool. The A/C system was working, it just wasn’t working very good. The room wasn’t entirely stifling, but it certainly could have been more comfortable. The fan actually helped a lot and I’m glad that it cooled off some during the night so that made it easier to rest that evening. I really must say that it can be difficult finding a good place to stay on the road sometimes.


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