Personal trainer helps us get in shape for wedding

Not long after my fiance Darrel proposed, we came up with the plan to get in better physical shape.

We both hoped to look our best for the ceremony, reception and the photographs.

Darrel and I were planning to start our lives together feeling healthy, strong and very fit. Our target was a better overall way of life. He and I were committed to eating more nutritious meals and getting more active. Unfortunately, we had no clue how to go about achieving our goals. Darrel and I went for a run around the block, and I ended up with such aching feet, I was unable to go to work the following day. He and I then tried playing racquetball and Darrel twisted his ankle. I made some drastic changes to our meals and we ended up so hungry at the end of the day that we started snacking before bed. Darrel and I actually gained weight and were frequently injured. I eventually signed us up at the local wellness center for training sessions. We started by consulting with a personal trainer and nutritionist. The assistance of professionals made all the difference for us. The personal trainer relayed the importance of a thorough warmup to prevent injury. She taught us helpful stretches and had us gradually increase the intensity of our workouts. She worked with us on improving balance, strength, flexibility and increasing cardio fitness. She targeted all the various muscle groups. The nutritionist insisted we needed to drink more water and stop consuming pop, coffee and beer. She developed a well-balanced and nutritious meal plan that doesn’t leave us starving. Due to the help of the personal trainer and nutritionist, Darrel and I started to realize results and gradually achieved our goals. By the time of the wedding ceremony, he and I both felt really good about how we looked and felt. Both of us still follow a healthier and more active way of life.