Working out in the swimming pool

I’ve found that working out in my swimming pool is a really great way to get in shape. I’ve managed to achieve noticeable results in a very short amount of time. Unlike physical activity on dry land, the water provides a natural resistance and no gravity. It forces my muscles to do more work, and yet I don’t feel like I’m overly exerting myself. The workout is pleasant. My muscles do more work and even though my heart rate is lower during aerobic exercises in the pool than on land, I’m getting the same cardiovascular benefits. I used to think that exercising in water meant swimming laps. I’ve discovered that there are shoes designed for pool walking, as well as buoyancy belts and vests for deep-water running. Pool exercise helps to build strength, because even the simplest movements, such as walking in waist-high water, engages the core muscles of the abdomen. It requires balance, increases flexibility and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Pool workouts are outstanding for burning calories, reducing fat and losing weight at the same rate as working out on land. There’s the added benefit that getting in the swimming pool on a hot day is a pleasure. It feels refreshing. The water soothes and massages with light pressure while it helps to strengthen. There’s no hard impact to stress joints or result in injury. I typically wear water shoes to prevent my feet from becoming sore or rubbed raw by the bottom of the pool. I play my favorite music to get motivated and make the workout more fun. I simulate the same movements I’d do on land in the water, including walking, jumping, kicking and running. Walking in the water is more challenging and requires decreasing speed by approximately one-third. I spend about half the workout in the shallow end and strive to increase my pace for each exercise. I then progress to the deep end of the pool and perform different movements while treading water.

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