Accidently broke my mini AC

I am not sure what it is about me today, but I have been really klutzy. There could be a beetle in front of me and I would find some way to trip over it. I’m not even joking. Earlier today, I prepared a bowl of potato salad that I planned on eating. Well instead I accidentally stubbed my toe and out of pain I backed up grabbing my foot, then I fell into the table and sat on the potato salad instead. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I somehow tracked a pebble into my house, which I promptly slipped on, knocked my mini cooling unit off the table and it went flying into oblivion. It wasn’t until I heard a loud CRASH a few seconds later that I knew where it went. The mini A/C had made an impressive flight halfway across my home and then smashed into the wall. It was now mostly pieces and I was incredibly disappointed at losing it. Thankfully, it was in the middle of winter and I would be needing the mini HVAC anytime soon, but it was still a waste of money. I decided to go ahead and buy another mini HVAC system for the future, because I know when summer comes, I will be looking back at today and really wanting to hit myself. I found a slightly better rated mini air conditioner and I bought that one instead. Honestly, from now on I think I will keep all my HVAC related stuff on a high shelf, to make sure nothing bad happens, it’s way too expensive to lose.

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