How having a transportable a/c has helped me

While I have always known the importance of my heating and cooling units, I never realized how convenient and cool having a mini cooling unit would be.

I have the big bulky central air conditioning unit, and while I like it, it can’t really help me when I go outside. This is where my mini AC comes in. What originally started out as a gift turned out to be one of the most important things in my household right behind my phone. It is just incredible feeling really hot and then just deciding to whip out the cooling device and setting it in front of you. I’ve actually had many people come up and ask me about the mini air conditioner, and ask me where I got it. I also become the most popular person when I carry the mini a/c device in the summer. In the spring and summer, I don’t go anywhere outdoors without taking my handy air conditioning with me. What’s great about it is that it is battery operated, and I can take it anywhere with me. While I have my mini cooling component with me, I turn my central cooling unit off at home, and it saves me a ton of money! The mini air conditioner is much better than any fan would be, and is almost as good as a full size HVAC system. But what it lacks in cooling it makes up in size and portability. Getting the mini HVAC unit as a gift was one of the best and most useful gifts I have gotten, I might eventually buy one as a gift for someone else, but it would be hard to give away!



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