Having a HVAC plan to keep HVAC updated

I am a really forgetful person, like really forgetful.

If I was older I bet a lot of people had dementia, but in reality, I am just a forgetful person.

I would usually deal with this by posting sticky notes with reminders all over my house, as well as if it was really important, I would write a note on my hand to remember. Well for a long time I forgot about getting annual HVAC maintenance for both my heating and cooling systems, and it wasn’t until I talked to a friend who had a new air conditioning device installed, that I was reminded. She actually had signed up for a HVAC plan, and told me about the benefits of it. A AC plan is where I pay a small amount and a HVAC technician will come out and do annual maintenance on my heater and AC machine. I thought this sounded like a good idea, and would help me remember to keep my heating system and air conditioner in good shape, so I called the same HVAC business and not only had heating unit and air conditioning maintenance which they badly needed, but I also signed up for a HVAC plan while I was at it. So far the heating and cooling plan has been really working for me so far, and I think it will help me remember to get regular cooling unit maintenance. If the a/c plan works, then I will probably start making a plan for most of my life which will probably work better than writing on my hand.
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