HVAC is a necessity when sheltering-in-place.

I have been working from my home for many years. I never looked at it as sheltering-in-place. For me it was normal because I had an immuno-deficiency disease that could kill me if I caught so much as a cold. I have the perfect HVAC system in my home, that consists of an air purification system, humidifier and Smart Thermostat. I work from my home office, which has its own ductless HVAC system. This makes sure that I don’t need to worry about dust and bacteria getting into my air in the area where I spend most of my waking time. Now that the pandemic has reached a fevered pitch, everyone I know is sheltering-in-place. They call this the new normal, but for me it has been everyday normal for quite some time. I know what they are going through with their adjustments. I remembered when I found out about my auto-immune disorder. I had to put a halt on all my plans and figure out what I was going to do from my home that would give me an income. Luckily, I adjusted, since I didn’t have a choice about going back to work in the future. I honed my skills and that is why I have a home office. It took some getting used to, since I had to learn how to keep my work hours and not combine them with my home hours. That is why I have a separate ductless HVAC system in the office, than in the rest of the house. It gives me a sense of individuality from the rest of the home.


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