Continuing the legacy of my old timer friend

There was this old timer who my buddies and I would always go to see when we were a little younger.

He owned this sizable junkyard with a junkyard dog and all the coolest stuff.

There were all kinds of old things like classic cars, window A/C units, and even full sized central HVAC units. He actually was a retired HVAC technician, which I thought was really awesome. I asked if he would teach me how to work on heating and cooling systems. The way he talked about heating and cooling systems, you could almost say it was sacred to him. He always talked about having respect for this technology as we all are lucky to have it. He actually took me in under his wing to learn the ways of heating and cooling, and how to work on different types of HVAC systems. He had me start on repairing window A/C units, which became a breeze for me after a little while. Eventually, he had me working on heating appliances which I had working in time for the winter months. He mostly worked on old heating and cooling equipment and cars, and would sell them for a hefty profit. For all the HVAC items that I managed to fix, he let me sell them and I only had to give him a 25% cut of the sale. I thought that was fair considering it was all his stuff. I always thought it would be great to have a business like that, repairing old stuff and selling for profit. Afterall, I was pretty good at it. Eventually, the old timer passed away, and I was surprised when he left his junkyard to me in his will. These days, I have been continuing his business, kind of like a legacy.


a/c worker