I spent a summer volunteering for a local arts festival and assembling stages

Now I get to unload audio, stage, and lighting equipment as a career

I’ll never forget the summer I spent volunteering with one of my best friends on this island near the coast. We met during our freshman year of college since we lived in the same floor and hall. Once we got to our sophomore year, classes were getting immensely harder. Since we were both STEM, or “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” students, our classes grew in difficulty as we progressed from one level of calculus to the next. I’ll never forget how fired our brains felt after taking Organic Chemistry together. We were finishing that particular semester when he told me about a volunteering gig that he had recently accepted. We have a small island off the coast, almost like a key, that hosts arts festivals every weekend during July and August for the wealthy patrons who live on the island. The gig involved unloading all of the stage equipment needed for the live music that was featured at every weekly festival. There was a lot of audio equipment that required careful and delicate loading before the events and stowing away after they ended. It was a really fun experience that allowed me to get my feet wet with working in the professional music world. I met a lot of touring acts during that summer and managed to make a few business contacts during the process. I actually got a job as a roadie for one of my favorite bands after meeting the lead singer at one of those art festivals. Now I get to unload audio, stage, and lighting equipment as a career. I don’t miss the STEM field one bit.


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