He finally got his confidence back.

Our son was having a really difficult time after he lost his job.

He didn’t think he would ever find a job that he liked as much as the old job.

He loved working for the local plumbing company, but the owner retired and no one wanted the business. He worked for him for three years and then he spent a full year going through depression. My husband came home with an ad from the local college. They were opening up classes for people who wanted to get into the field of HVAC. He wasn’t sure if it was something he would like, but my husband insisted he check it out. After a year of classes, he finally got his certification. It has been only six months and I have seen huge changes in my son. He is more confident and he seems to like his job even more than the old job. If he hears people talking about problems with their heating or air conditioning, he hands them his card. He is always willing to sit and talk to anyone who needs help with their HVAC. The other week he came home and he was gushing about the house owner of the last air conditioner he was working on. He said he was sure he knew her, but he wasn’t sure where it was from. I found out she was single and a year younger than he was. He refused to tell her he was still living with his parents, which I was glad to hear. All he told her was that he was an HVAC technician and loving his job.

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