Cleaning air ducts is exhausting work

I always thought it was a bit stupid to pay a professional to do a job like cleaning the air ducts.

I could understand having a professional cleaner come out and do the ductwork, but the air ducts.

I’ve got to let you in on a secret. If you think you can do the job without paying the professionals, you probably can’t. Being home twenty-four hours a day for the last two weeks, had left me with wanting something to do. I decided that I could probably do my own air conditioning servicing and air duct cleaning. I went online and quickly found the directions on how to clean the air conditioner. I’m sure I didn’t do the same job that the HVAC tech would have done, but I thought it was a decent job. After completing the air conditioning unit, I knew it was time to move on to the air ducts. I had the vacuum cleaner out ready to get on with the project. I got out my screwdriver so I could remove the air vent covers. I looked into the air duct and I cringed a bit. I didn’t realize it was such a narrow space. I wasn’t sure how I was going to bend and twist my body so I could get the vacuum cleaner into the air duct so I could clean it. After pushing and pulling, twisting and bending, I was finally able to get the vacuum cleaner inside. I had it in the air duct so far that I was afraid I wouldn’t get it back out. I’ve got to tell you that I never thought this job could be so exhausting.