A stranger help my wife and I

My wife and I were really concerned about not being able to have our air conditioner serviced. With everyone sheltering in place, no one wanted to go out to someone’s house. We were a bit worried about having anyone come to our house and infecting us with the Covid virus. We decided that if we could change the air filter, at least we wouldn’t have to worry about diminished airflow. This would keep our air conditioning running safely until the shelter-in-place order was lifted. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any air conditioning air filters left in the basement. We went to the local home store and asked where we would find air filters. When we told them what model we needed, he apologized but said he had just sold the last box of air filters in that model. We were really upset and my wife was asking if there was something else we could use for the air conditioner. We were halfway across the parking lot when we heard someone calling out to us. We stopped and he pulled his mask a bit tighter when he got closer. He had three air filters in his hand. He told us he had bought the air filters that we were looking for. He wanted to make sure we could change the air filter in our air conditioning unit and he was offering to share with us. Before the virus affected the world, I was giving up hope for mankind. I’m realizing that there is a lot of good in the world, when you aren’t wearing blinders.
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