I love my old truck

I think I need to say that I sure miss my outdated truck that I used to have, but that thing was the best all around! It had great gas mileage, it ran legitimately nice and in general, it had a legitimately great central heating and cooling system in it! For the most part, I am starting to miss the quality heating and cooling system, then if you are wondering what happened to the truck, it just simply got so outdated that it wouldn’t run any longer.

This truck was at least 30 years old… And the central heating and cooling system for the time was beyond the normal; You would not expect this for a truck.

At that moment in time, the number one type of automobile that had top of the line central heating and air conditioner were proper types of cars. I never replaced the heating and cooling system either. It was the same exact heating and cooling system that came with the truck 30 years in the past! I just got rid of the truck last year. It was nothing short of a miracle that it lasted many years! I legitimately wish I could have somehow saved that central heating and cooling unit, and however, because it was a special fit for that particular model truck, it would never work in anything else. Also, because the Heating and A/C technology was old, it is doubtful it would have been compatible with any kind of car or truck this week in the world, but with the Heating and A/C technology we now have, I do have good heating and cooling in my modern automobile I purchased to replace the outdated truck.

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