My Outdoor A/C Units Will Be Kept Safe

It likely has some holes and rips in it.

Recently, I no longer feel safe in our house! Some neighbors have been telling me over the past few months that people have broken into their homes, and stolen all kinds of things when they were away. One even told me that she had her window air conditioning units stolen! I decided to look for security systems. I have a few window air conditioning units that I cannot have stolen, no way. I depend on them in the summer to stay cool when I’m at home. I try and never use my central cooling now because it is way older than the window units so it costs way more to use. My newish window air-conditioning units are surprisingly energy efficient, and also using them means I don’t have to worry about the ductwork either. My guess is the ductwork system might also have something to do with the high utility bills when we use the central cooling, because the ductwork is so outdated as well. It likely has some holes and rips in it. That would make sense. The bills are so high whenever I use the central cooling system! But I can’t call an HVAC worker to find out because I know what he would say: he would want me to upgrade the ductwork and probably even the whole HVAC system. There’s no way I way I can afford that right now, which is fine really because our window air-conditioning units work so well anyway. Only thing is now because of the thefts in the area I’m going to need to have a decent security plan set up for my home with cameras and alarms.

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