Nobody is going to steal my window A/C units

I honestly don’t even feel safe in my house. I have been hearing talk from the neighbors that people have broken into their homes and stole things when they were not home. There were some reports of people stealing window A/C units in our neighborhood. Because I was feeling so unsafe, I decided to look for security systems. I actually had a few window A/C units and I really didn’t want those to be taken. I love them and I rely on them for my cooling needs for the most part. I actually haven’t used my central cooling system in a long time. It honestly is incredibly ancient and it makes my energy bills soar. These newer window A/C units are surprisingly energy efficient, so I prefer to use them over the ancient cooling system I have hooked to the ductwork. That’s another thing I wonder about, the ductwork system. I think that part of the reason for the high energy bills is the fact that my ductwork system is so old as well. It likely has some kind of holes and rips in it that cause my energy bills to spike whenever I use the central cooling system. I would call an HVAC technician to find out but I’m concerned with the conclusion he would draw with my HVAC system. He would want me to upgrade the ductwork system probably which would cost a fortune and he would probably pressure me to upgrade the HVAC system as well. I can’t afford all that, so I’m sticking with my window A/C units, and I’ll be damned if I let anybody steal them from me! Soon I will have the perfect security system in place with cameras.



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