There wasn’t any HVAC in the hotel

My husband and I had a week in a hotel by the beach, while celebrating our anniversary.

We were having a lovely time the first couple of days and then a huge storm blew through. The power went out for a short time, but then the emergency lighting kicked in. We got a phone call telling us that they didn’t expect the lights to be out too long, but the elevators didn’t work. We could come downstairs, but we would have to walk back up the stairs. We were on the thirtieth floor. My husband has back problems and he needs to use a cane. I was glad we had a good breakfast, because it would probably tide us over until the power came back on. What we didn’t plan on was that without the power, the emergency lighting didn’t allow for the air conditioning to run. It wasn’t just us that had the door wide open, but half of the other room doors were open. Everyone on this floor didn’t want to go downstairs because eventually we would have to come back upstairs. We found out it was cooler in the hallway where there weren’t any windows, so a lot of people were hanging out there. We were talking about the lack of air conditioning and hungry we were all becoming. We all decided to go downstairs. We went into the stairwell and took a slow walk downstairs so we could get some food. There were ten of us laughing and giggling in the dull light, and we finally reached the first floor. We really began to laugh when the power came back on and the air conditioning poured into the stairwell to cool us off.


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