No individual temperature control in the apartment

I was looking at apartments with my daughter the other day, who was getting ready to move out on her own.

I was rather concerned that she would be cheated plus not get a wonderful deal.

I wanted to be able to go over the lease plus look at any other charges they might try to sneak in there, other than the rent. The recurring expense that I kept seeing, was for the replacement of the temperature control if it is broken. There was also an article that read they were responsible for their cooling equipment. I figured that this meant that she was responsible for the added cost of the cooling equipment since it was more extravagant plus not easily necessary as heating. I was doing a walk-around in the apartment, plus I soon noticed that there wasn’t a temperature control in the apartment in the least. This meant that all of the apartments got their heating from a single central temperature control. The temperature control was actually controlled by the superintendent of the building. I knew how my daughter was with her not preferring it to be too sizzling in the house. If this was someone who liked it warmer than others, she was going to be completely sick. I walked out of the living room plus I started to tell her that this apartment was not a good fit when I heard her talking to the super already. She politely told him thank you for showing her the apartment, but because of the lack of cooling equipment plus there not being any control over her own heat she would have to pass on the apartment. I was never more proud of her as I was at that moment.


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