Huge problem at the start of our road trip

On the last afternoon of our senior Year, my friends and I thought it would be great to leave for a 2-week trip across the country.

Each of us were content for our own reasons! I wanted to see numerous historic and national landmarks that were on my bucket list.

My good buddy Frank wanted to see the canyon, and Tony just wanted to get out of the residence for a few weeks. Every one of us saved a good amount of currency for gas, tolls, food, and rooms. My mom provided myself and others some currency for graduation, and I also opened a credit card in my name. I easily realized the bunch of us would have a good amount of currency and some backup plans in the case of an emergency. I did not expect that emergency to actually happen on the same day we were leaving. Every one of us were only in the motorcar for just a few hours, before the air conditioning machine quit working entirely. I knew it was an immense problem, because the air conditioning machine quit working and the temperature went right up. I had to pull off the road into a gas station. I called my dad and asked for some critical adviceā€¦ He told myself and others that it sounded like a pretty messed up situation and recommended that we just use the emergency funds to get a hold of a mechanic. I used the roadside assistance to get us towed to the nearest motorcar dealership. After that, all of us spent most of the afternoon just laying around in the shop! They fixed the air-conditioner machine, however not before all of us lost numerous hours of driving hours. Every one of us thought it would be the best move to wait and leave in the morning, after we were able to get some good sleep over the night.
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