North Port, FL; the home of inflated theatre prices

I was really missing our parents. They moved to North Port quite a while ago and we hadn’t had many chances to get to see them. It had been nearly four years since our last visit because of our children being so young. Finally, we thought our twin boys were able to make the trip to North Port and finally get to know their grandparents. We took two weeks and headed to their house for the holidays. Mom and dad lived close to the water and dad had bought a boat so he could do some fishing. We all loved fishing, so my husband and I were excited. They had a small home on their property that mom cleaned and put a sofa bed in the living room so we could have our own private area while still being close. The boys shared the sofa bed while my husband and I had our own bedroom,. The first couple of days were spent getting to know each other and doing some fishing. We even took a picnic to the beach in Clearwater, one day. Then we started with a length of bad weather. For four days straight, it rained and our boys became restless. Dad told us that there was a theatre in downtown North Port that played movies that were made for kids. You have no idea how shocked we were to be charged almost $60 for movies tickets. Our tickets at home only cost us $8 a piece. We expected to spend a lot of money on this vacation, but we didn’t think most of it would go out for movie tickets. We should have expected this since North Port is a big tourist area.