Tampa. Florida save us some money

I was really excited to move to Tampa, Florida.

  • For the last year, my fiance and I had lived about an hour outside of Tampa, but it was really expensive.

The commute was killing us. Our rent was reasonable and we lived in a two bedroom home. Paying for gas for my forty mile commute and her thirty mile commute was outrageous. We sat down and figured out that if we could afford to move to Tampa, it would put us much closer to our work. I would then be within five miles of work and she would be within ten miles of her work. It wasn’t just the gas from the commute, but we were both travelling over two hours a day. We started looking for an apartment and we ended up downgrading to a one bedroom apartment. The rent was now eating up almost 60% of our budget, but we were still excited about our move. That’s when we saw our energy bill. Our cost of energy was cut nearly in half which was going to help to equalize the raise in our rent. Along with the savings in energy bills and the fact that we are spending over $100 less a week in gas for our travel, we are actually doing good now that we have moved to Tampa. We both agree that we have made a smart move by moving to Tampa, Florida. Now, I am getting anxious to start exploring all that Tampa has to offer. I want to be able to check out the nightlife.

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